Victorian Jam Jar with Hand Poured Candle

Introducing Ruby Jones Home Hand Poured Candle in a Reclaimed Victorian Jam Jar!

Now even though we say so ourselves, we think this is truly a unique Christmas gift - a hand poured candle in a reclaimed Victorian jam jar. Recycling and repurposing at its absolute best!

These amazing antique stoneware jam jars have been dug up in the north of England. You can see the groove near the rim, this would have held the string and waxed paper which would have acted as a lid. We have teamed up with talented Farnham candlemakers Rosemary and Ridgeway, who have hand poured the most delicious fragranced candles specially for us. You can choose between restful lavender & chamomile or our festive fragrance, spiced orange & cranberry. Each candle comes in its own stylish, cotton, draw-string bag to complete the look.


And for that extra special present, we have gift boxes too! These natural style boxes contain not only the gorgeous scented candle in its antique stoneware jar but also a pot of white tipped matches to make the perfect pairing. The match pots have also been reclaimed from underground Victorian dumping grounds and would have originally held ointment. Now they are beautifully boxed, ready to simply wrap and give!

And the great thing is that when the candle and matches have been all used up you are left with two Victorian pots that you can repurpose again. But what will you decide to use them for...?

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